Friday, January 19, 2007

Slow or Fast

Writer folks over on LiveJournal are discussing/debating/arguing over slow writers vs fast writers and whether or not slowly written books are better than faster written books. I don't know why these topics are debatable, except that people, especially writers, it seems, like to debate these sorts of things.

Because, it seems to me, a good writer who writes quickly will write a better book most likely than the slower writer who isn't as good a writer.

I've been trying to redo the opening of my ms for 2 weeks now. Last night I spent over an hour on the first sentence yet again. I doubt it's all that great given how much time I worked on it. People who want to write should just write and not worry about such things unless they're on deadline. And no editor, agent, or reader (unless they've been breathlessly waiting for the ms) will know or care how long it took to write a book. All they'll care about is if it meets their definition of good.


  1. You are wright eh right! People just write differently. I think a lot about what I want to write, then sit down and forget about what it is I wanted to write in the first place. Whatever works for the writer. You write very well so don't change a thing unless someone is paying you money.