Saturday, March 31, 2007

Author Identity

I'm all for self-publishing. It can be a way for a niche book, especially non-fiction, to reach an audience. Small presses that at first blush appear to be vanity presses might work well as print-on-demand publishers and be part of the true future of publishing. I don't like to discount anything in this era of self-expression. I believe quality will rise to the top and those things of lesser quality will still find the audience that deserves it. I have no problems with that. I do have problems with misleading advertising.

So, it's stories like this on Making Light that give the whole realm of self-publishing and authors who go that route a bad name. The saga of Author Identity is a cautionary tale. Because right now, there is probably a larger percentage of people out to make money for themselves even if they have to mislead others than the percentage of people with talent who decide to brave the world of publishing on their own.

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