Monday, September 03, 2007

Set Your Story in NYC

This is geared toward writing a certain kind of fanfic, but it's funny and incredibly useful. And as long as it stays un-friends-locked, you can read it, too. Of course, it isn't the whole story, but a view of NYC from one perspective, a very common one. And mostly geared for Manhattan. For ex, many NY apartments are fairly large. Mine is, with 2 bathrooms, but it's in *gasp* Queens. And the outer boroughs have houses, too. I grew up in one. In Queens. Ones with yards and lawns and stoops (those steps in front), and trees, and... well, you get the idea. Another point I disagree with is that plenty of New Yorkers shop at Macy's. It's always crowded with locals when I'm there, and I'm a native NYer.

Back in the '80s, before the internet was everywhere, I did my own writing guide to NYC for fanfic writers, but it got horribly out-of-date and would be a pain to update it. So this is nice to see.

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