Monday, December 03, 2007

Getting Noticed is a site where writers can submit articles. Members rate the posted articles in what is basically, a writing competition. There's a chance for some payment, either from sharing ad revenues from the site or through the site's marketplace where writers and publishers can find each other. No one's likely to make a living at this site, but for newbies, it can be good exposure.


  1. It's a very interesting site. I have several articles there. You shouldn't expect to get recognized though unless you write articles specific to the magazines that buy from Helium. Critical essays will likely be ignored (I have a couple on there that haven't been looked at much).
    But you can certainly break out there if you write personal articles and stuff specific to the magazines there. They have the occasional creative writing challenge there too. I wouldn't recommend using Helium for your fiction though because you'll likely not sell any of it.

    It's still a good site I think, but could use with more exposure to third parties.

  2. wow thanks Shelly - I will def look at this.. hugs Annie