Monday, June 18, 2007

Writer's Weekly Question

A new meme I'm trying to do here. It's from "It's Creative, but is it Art?" which is in the sidebar, under Resources.

New Writer's Weekly Question #4:

Is fan-fiction a genre that is an acceptable form of expression, or is it just a version of finger-painting for adults? Explain.

I don't think of it as a genre, per se. More a form of writing. Fanfic cover spy fic, science fic, mysteries, fantasy, and other genres. I think it's a legit form of expression. Many if not most pro writers have been inspired by other works of fic, not to mention real life, fairy tales, myths, etc. Some file the serial numbers off the originals more than others, or do the literary equivalent of mash-ups. The issue has always been whether or not fanfic is approved/official (ie pro tie-in novels and that ilk) or not. The issue of copyright and trademark infringement should not dictate whether or not the work itself is valid.


Have you ever or do you currently write fan-fiction? If you yes for either question, why did you choose to do it, and what sort of benefit did you gain from this experience?

I wrote and published fanfic for 15 years, from 1980 - 1995. I started writing what I later learned was fanfic when I was 14. I wanted more stories from my favorite, canceled TV shows, so I wrote the stories myself. I learned a lot about writing from the experience, enough to want to try to write my own "original" characters and stories.

Extra Credit:

If you write fan-fiction, please leave a link either in your post or in the comments. Please link to something that's not R or X-rated, as this is a "family show."

Sorry, no can do. My fanfic was in print zines only, most of which are out of print (all the ones I published are out of print) and might be found in the resale bins at fan cons.

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