Friday, August 03, 2007

It Just Figures

I find a nice writing meme to help me come up with posts here, and the blog hasn't had an update since.

And now, I've been neglecting this place and I feel bad about that. The truth is that I haven't done much writing since before my vacation in May and while I hope to get back to the WIR this weekend, I'm getting used to plans going awry.

I also took a serious blogging detour when they started beta testing blogs for us at work, so of course, I started one and spent most evenings at home fine tuning the template. We're using Wordpress. It's been fun, but it's on our intranet, with a login, so I can't show it off. Which I wouldn't, anyway, because it uses my real name. But I have learned a bit more about Wordpress which is helping me with my blog which has less of a purpose than Write Stuff here.

Maybe I'll track down another writing meme that I can work with. The ones I find typically don't work for me because they aren't suited for science fiction or for those of us who write as we go.

But I did want to update this thing, and now I have.

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